Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sleek and chic: The New Ponytail

Although my hair is naturally curly (read: frizzy) I do love a straight sleek look. And I don't think there's a more failsafe, go-to hairstyle than the ponytail. But forget the type your mum used to scrape your hair back into when she was getting you ready for school: meet The New Pony.

Sleek and chic, it's a strong look that's also incredibly easy to achieve. Your hair must be poker straight to begin with, and if using hair straighteners make sure you use a heat protecting product. Use an elastic band that's either clear or a similar colour to your hair. Avoid cheerleader hair by opting for a low or mid pony. 

Finish off the style by leaving a small section of hair loose to wrap around and secure over the hair tie. Simple!

Perfect for summer when you want your hair off your face, I'll be pairing it with this season's bold and bright lips.

How will you wear yours?

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