Sunday, September 1, 2013


Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: Sportsgirl
Bag: from a market in LA
Shoes: Wittner

The story...

Today was the RMIT Student Runway, one of the most highly anticipated events on the MSFW calendar. It's loved for its creativity, boldness, character and lack of commercial restrictions. Because of this, I wanted to wear something a little different and eye-catching. In terms of the Melbourne fashion scene, I like to think of my dress sense as unique and original, but I'm not totally wacky and out there like some amazing ensembles I spotted. This was my compromise!

The turquoise skirt was a statement piece I had to have. It's totally unlike any skirt I own (and creases like mad!) but I love the unsymmetrical hem and bold colour. True to form, the first thing my Dad said was "What happened to the other half of the skirt?" - classic dad gags and Happy Father's Day! 

To let the skirt do the talking, I paired it with a simple white sheer shirt. There was much debate over what colour bra should go underneath (nude looked granny-like and I did not have one in the same blue as the skirt) so ended up opting for white to make it look like part of the shirt. 

The spirit of the night in mind, I decided to go for a bold clash in accessories, with a hot pink skinny belt over the turquoise skirt. Given the skirts unusual bottom, I went for my highest strappy black and cork heels to ensure my legs looked long rather than stumpy (hence the headless picture!) 

Rather than choosing my bag to match any of the existing colours in my outfit, I went for a funny statement. Given I'm media, why not take my camera clutch!? The 'camera' is an old leather handbag I bought in LA almost six years ago on my way to Australia. I've actually only used it once or twice, so thought I'd dust it off today. It's got short handbag straps which I don't like, so I just tucked them in to turn it into a clutch.

Makeup: I tried something different by experimenting with colour - tying in the hot pink and turquoise of my outfit. I bought Sportsgirl's hot pink lipstick in 'strawberry' the other day, loving how the colour made my eyes look really blue. I used turquoise pencil eyeliner to line the bottom of my eye, as well as a flick on the top. It's just a cheap pencil from Priceline, but it's very pigmented and bright.

To confess - for day one I didn't have time to paint my nails, so ended up going naked (nails that is!). It almost ended the same way today, given I had 20 minutes between finishing work, getting changed and hopping on the train. I just made it as the doors were closing but had to paint my nails on the train. Not my finest moment (or nice habit!) but these are the things you do for fashion.

New friends - Georgia from melbourneandgeorgette

What do you think?

Brittany x

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